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SR Machining’s extensive experience is in the manufacture and production of the precision CNC turning of plastics, alloys and metals.  One of the strengths of SR Machining is our full range of in-house capabilities, including manufacturing engineering, production, and inspection.  In addition, a wide range of equipment is available to perform the production CNC machining needed to deliver a consistent end product – whether it is in terms of plastic CNC turning, metal CNC machining, precision turned manufacturing or production CNC machining.  SR Machining has access to a broad variety of plastics and metals from a large number of vendors, giving you, the client; the option to have your precision component machined, turned and milled in whatever material meets your exacting design parameters.

While many types of plastics and metals have been mentioned (see Capabilities page), contact us with your specific material requirements and applications.  SR Machining has the capability of CNC turning of material up to 16 inches in diameter, and diameters as small as 0.250”, and can hold precision tolerances of 0.0005”.  If precision tolerances are needed, we can perform secondary operations to meet that requirement.  At SR Machining, there are twenty-one CNC lathes available for CNC turning operations and production, including;

Along with CNC turning capabilities, SR Machining can perform CNC drilling, milling, sawing, assembly and much more. Additional turning capability is complimented with five screw machines:

SR Machining can also handle your inventory needs, with a vendor-managed inventory program that manages the existing quantity of your components currently in stock – no need to worry about reordering parts when current inventory runs low.  

Whatever your requirement or need in precision CNC plastic or metal machining, contact SR Machining today to discuss your needs.

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