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SR Machining’s expertise in the manufacture and production of the precision CNC machining of plastics, alloys and metal components and knowledge of automotive suspension has proved to be an advantage in the manufacture of components for the off-road racing enthusiast.  One of the strengths of SR Machining is our full range of in-house capabilities, including manufacturing and production, engineering and inspection.  In addition, a wide range of equipment is available to perform the production CNC machining needed to deliver a consistent end product to meet the challenges of the off road automotive aftermarket.   SR Machining has access to a broad variety of materials from an extensive number of vendors, giving you the availability to have your precision component machined, turned and milled in the correct material to meet your technical requirements.

In the automotive and off road market sectors, SR Machining has manufactured and produced a wide variety of components for off road racing teams inclusive of suspension components, steering rack assemblies, and hydraulic components used by the various vehicle fabricators for professional racing. SR Machining’s engineering and experience with manufacturing and fabrication, along with the ability to perform precision machining with short lead times, has enabled us to be a contributor to the market place.   

Our quality system is ABS certified to ISO 9001 SAE and AS9100 to ensure full compliance to all applicable customers' quality requirements.

With capabilities from prototype runs to production quantities on the order of 700,000 assemblies a year, SR Machining can deliver large lots of finished CNC machined components with a high consistency and quality (with the corresponding cost savings).  In addition, since we can deliver a precision CNC machined part with a high level of consistency and quality, it allows for the finished CNC component to go directly to a ship to stock status (bypassing quality control and inspection).  Whatever your requirement or need in precision CNC machined automotive or aerospace components, contact SR Machining today to discuss your application.
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